The golden palominos - boy (go)

The five horses varied in their coloration. Most of the horses were buried, along with other animals, in an animal vault. However, the golden horse was buried in the same chamber as its owner, along with pottery and vessels made from bronze, gold, silver, and stone.

Different alleles of the agouti locus reduce eumelanin (black pigment) production in certain parts of bay and brown horses. It would seem that they are also responsible for different forms of phaeomelanin (red pigment) in chestnut horses, as well as in horses of the other colors. Evidence suggests that chestnut horses of genotype A a A a are liver chestnut, while chestnut horses with an A + allele are light chestnut. A summary of the effects of the different agouti alleles on chestnut horses is shown below, along with the hypothesised affects on palominos. The genotypes are shown using an underscore, . A A _. This represents where an allele can either be the same as the allele shown (. giving genotype A A A A in the example) or any other allele recessive to it (. either allele A t or A a in the example, but not allele A+ which is dominant over all other alleles). Allele A a is recessive to all the other alleles of the agouti series.

The Golden Palominos - Boy (Go)The Golden Palominos - Boy (Go)The Golden Palominos - Boy (Go)The Golden Palominos - Boy (Go)